Mastering Technical Analysis
and Trade with our real money

"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing" Warrent Buffet

Before you jump into the cryptocurrencies market, you must understand what, where, when and why you open your position.

Recognize trend and analyze what will happen next to see if your plan is going well or if you made a wrong decision.
To solve this problem, we came up with the Mastering Technical Analysis, 8 day program.
This is private online program, with live Q&A.

Instructor : Rendra Azir

While you learn with us, you can apply all your new technical analysis knowledge with real account and real money, because we give you $1000 bonuses account for all our student. You cannot withdrawal this bonuses, but you can withdraw all profit from this account. Not only that, If you are success with your trading, we can help you to get a lot of investor to fund your trading project. This bonuses method is perfect to learn how to handle psychological market tension, because if you loss all your bonuses, you cannot get new bonuses again. And this method also become your parameter, how much money that you will invest in trading business.

  • One on one private program, with 1 to 3 hours for each lesson

  • 3 lessons each week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) or (Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday)

  • Lessons schedule based on agreement (before registration)

  • Not using video or PDF, and learn in running market (not back tested)

  • Using TradingView platform, with chat and draw method

  • Very easy for beginners and advanced traders

  • You need to know how to use tools in TradingView, but do not need any prior Technical Analysis experience

  • The focus is not on indicators or EA, but pure technical analysis only

  • All student get $1000 bonuses to learn and trade with real money

Day 1  :

Day 2  :

Day 3  :

Day 4  :

Day 5  :

Day 6  :

Day 7  :

Day 8  :

Basic tradingview, Dow Theory, analyze market movement in general

Channel and break condition

Trend change condition, and bullish confirmation

Fibonacci and money management

Internal fibonacci, and no loss money management secret

Support and resistance, CSR, buy zone and sell zone

Confirmation with Sakata rules (candle stick pattern)

Pattern requirement, and all 30 Chart Pattern

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$300 (for all 8 lesson, and there is no extra charge for additional lesson)
$500 (for all 8 lesson, and become our GOLD member to get free access to all our services in 1 years)

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