1. Are GoProfitMax is trading signal? base on monthly subscribe?
    Silver membership is monthly based with registration fee USD$30
    Gold membership is yearly based with registration fee USD$300


  2. without membership, can i receive signal?
    All signal is exclusive only VIA telegram

  3. Are the signal difference between gold member and silver member?
    Yes, gold member can ask any coin analysis, and only publish at Gold member group

  4. Are we receive same signal with tradingview signal?
    No. Our signal for donation member lock as private signal, only member can open it, and you cannot see that signal in our tradingview page or in this website page

  5. can i send via BTC wallet?
    you can donate VIA :
    BTC Address : 137M8mNeZjZfrmUUe2jTvBrWUyjxgVKtAm
    ETH Address : 0x4c81792efc4ac1123b1c22d0bedaff5089a5c62e


  6. After I donate, what next step?
    Make sure you email your proof of donation to : info@GoProfitMax.com

  7. Are my donation for lifetime?
    No, we reset our donation member every month, and start new donation season.

  8. are there any other services for donation member?
    We will upgrade our services on each donation threshold reach

Frequently asked questions